Natural disasters/phenomenon

With today’s solar eclipse today what better way to kick start the reasoning behind this blog.  Although, unfortunately the weather in Ireland this morning is rather dismal, the sky simply went from dull, to a bit darker and then back to dull (sigh).  As it was just finishing I managed to get the misty photo shown. But for your fantasy stories it doesn’t have to be like that.  Natural events like eclipses, or disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, etc. are fabulous devices for change in your books.

Many fantasy novels are set in a time when people don’t understand why an eclipse or other natural events occur.  So they see them as portents of doom, disaster, famine, plague, prophecy.  If the earth actually moves, then cities can crumble, cracks open up in the ground swallowing villages whole, streams of lava divide people up, towns are washed away… you get the picture.  What better way to make things change very suddenly in your plot and to provide a way for your characters to:

  • Be lost and alone.
  • Driven to perform some act that either makes them a hero or a villain.
  • “Get out of a fix” that they were in.
  • “Get into a fix”.
  • Be injured or die.

Just be sure you don’t include the Irish weather in your story line or your characters will all just go on with their business.

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