About Nicole Trewartha


Nicole Trewartha

Nicole was born at the very end of the 1960s in Bendigo, Australia.  During an excursion to a children’s publishing house in the late 1970s, Nicole’s fledgling interest in writing grew and she decided to write to the head office in London to ask how to publish a book – to which they very kindly responded!

During the ’80s and ’90’s Nicole continued to write, heading very strongly into the fantasy fiction arena after developing a love affair with the genre and the freedom it gave her to launch into any world she wished.  It was during this time that she wrote, burned, re-wrote, shredded, re-wrote and finally finished her first novel “Fire in the Blood”, which she submitted to Random House for the George Turner prize in 2000.  The book was shortlisted, but more ideas were building in Nicole’s mind and unfortunately the book has been gathering dust in the interim.  It is Nicole’s hope to edit and publish it in the near future.

After a chance encounter with an Irishman in New Zealand in 1995, and meeting up with the same lovely man during a working trip to France in 2000, Nicole moved to Ireland in 2001.  Nicole now lives in Ireland with her husband and 2 children.

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